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Gava's believes that education is important for our technicians and our company. Most people know that MD means Medical Doctor, and CPA signifies Certified Public Accountant. Associations of professionals use certifications to recognize qualified and competent individuals.
Gava's technicians are all ASE and I-CAR certified.
ASE is the abbreviation for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. ASE certifies professional automotive technicians in various areas of repair expertise.
Gava's Auto Body carries a distinctive I-CAR Gold Class certification. If you want to know more about this, please click the link on the left menu "Why I-CAR Gold class is so important for me?"

Looking for an Auto Body Shop South San Francisco?

How to Find the Best Auto Body Shop

At Gava's Auto Body, we care about our customers. We want your business and to be recognized as the top auto body shop in South San Francisco and surrounding areas. But we also want to make sure that when you need an auto body shop in South San Francisco, that you choose a reliable shop that won't rip you off.


So you are standing on the side of the Interstate 280 after a collision; thankfully unharmed. The next thing you are thinking about is handling the collision repair.

The last time you got in a wreck was five years ago. Being a fairly safe and mindful driver, you don't often need to take your car into an auto body shop. You have been very lucky since your last accident and have had no issues with your car for a good long time.

Well I'm sure there is still a little bit of shock but we need to figure out how you can get your car taken care of and back on the road. There are 5 keys steps that you need to take when looking for a quality auto body shop in the South San Francisco are.


5 Steps to Find Quality Auto Body Shop

  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews
  • Provides insurance estimates and works directly with the insurance company
  • Certified Auto Body Technicians
  • Caring about customers
  • Uses the latest technology and tools in collision repair

I know that you have been through a scary experience but I promise you that taking the time to use these quick steps will get your car back to normal as soon as possible.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Did you know that there are almost 65,000 people in the South San Francisco area? That is the number of people who can help you whittle down the number of auto body shop companies to pick from.


The first and most important step when looking for a new auto body shop in the South San Francisco area is reviews! Check reviews on about five different websites.


Make sure to only give the places with four and a half to five stars a good look because any less and they've had too many unsatisfied people. Yelp is one of my favorites to check but there are many other places. Gava's Auto Body has 110 five star reviews and that sounds like a good company already with many satisfied customers!


But don't stop there once you have picked four or five places go to their website and check there too because sometimes you'll find that people will post the bad reviews there and then forget or not bother posting about it anywhere else.

I'm not saying that you need to go reading every review ever posted about the places. If anything you should try comparing the ratio of how many of each level of stars they have.

I have found that reading reviews is the easiest way to narrow places down and I feel this is the most important and useful step in the elimination process. If people like a place, then they are going to rave! Wouldn't you?


Works with Insurance Company Directly

Once you've found a few of the auto body shops in the South San Francisco area one thing I like to look for are the companies that deal with those annoying insurance companies for me.

I've already had to talk to them to figure out how much they will give me to fix my car. I know I don't really want to talk to them again if it can be avoided. If the auto body shop I go to will talk to them for the remainder of the ordeal then I'm as happy as a clam!

This is one of those essential things I look for because if nothing else it shows me that they care about making this already aggravating situation a little less so.


Certified Auto Body Technicians

So now you're down the last couple places and you are wondering what else you can do to find the right auto body shop for you.

The third step in your search is finding an auto body shop that lets you know that they have certified technicians. ASE certified technicians are the best. ASE stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. They are the national standard that says whether or not a mechanic is a good one.

If the business doesn't have certified mechanics and you've gone through the first two steps then it just makes me wonder how they got so many good reviews. Maybe someone hired all those people to give good reviews! It's more likely that after the first couple of steps that this step won't be an issue.


How to Tell they Care about Their Customers

This next step can kind of be tied into the first but is in its own way different because although reviews can help lead you in the right direction there are a few things that can make you truly see that the company cares for its customers.


First, take a look at the sitting area that the auto body shop has for its customers while they wait. Is it nice, neat and clean? Do they put out magazines for you to read or even have a TV? Gava's Auto Body shop has a nice clean lobby with magazines and a TV. You don't believe me check out their website!


A lot of times auto body shops have pictures of their lobby on their website that you can look at and you don't even have to go in. If they don't you might want to check some of your other top picks first.


Auto Body Shop Uses Legitimate Equipment

The last step is fairly crucial if you want to have confidence that your car will be done well and in a timely matter.


Check to make sure they have the right equipment. Good auto body shops will let you know the type of equipment they have so that the customer will know that there car is in safe hands! Gava's Auto Body uses a Whitney Frame machine when taking care of your vehicle! If they don't openly let you know the type of equipment they use then you might want to think twice or at least try looking into another auto body shop on your list.


So the next time you are in an accident or your car is giving you problems remember these steps when looking for an auto body shop to call your own in the South San Francisco area!

Resource box: To find a great company in the South San Francisco area, such as Gava's Auto Body, that can get your car up to speed and looking good on the road again visit Auto Body Shop South San Francisco!


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