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Gava's believes that education is important for our technicians and our company. Most people know that MD means Medical Doctor, and CPA signifies Certified Public Accountant. Associations of professionals use certifications to recognize qualified and competent individuals.
Gava's technicians are all ASE and I-CAR certified.
ASE is the abbreviation for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. ASE certifies professional automotive technicians in various areas of repair expertise.
Gava's Auto Body carries a distinctive I-CAR Gold Class certification. If you want to know more about this, please click the link on the left menu "Why I-CAR Gold class is so important for me?"

#1 Collision Repair Shop in Milbrae

This can't be happening! What a horrible day! A kid behind you was texting while driving and rammed right into you. When will they learn? Nothing on their phone is important enough to get in a wreck over. Oh well, I guess they have to learn somehow. Too bad that now you have to deal with a headache and figure out what to do about your car.

The only good thing is that the accident wasn't your fault so the insurance agencies shouldn't be as annoying to deal with. But now you have to find a new auto body shop because you are definitely convinced that the last guy you went to ripped you off and unfortunately there wasn't anything to do about it.

Still now you have to find a new place to repair your car and you don't know how you can find someone to trust.

Well here are four things to look for in a good quality company that will help to make sure they are going to go that extra mile to help make this whole situation a little easier and get you back in your car in no time!

I-CAR & ASE Certified Technicians
Technology for Precision Repair
Offer Factory Replacement Parts
Waterborne Paint

Check for I-CAR & ASE Certified Technicians

The first step when looking for an auto body shop in Milbrae is to find a shop that employs ASE and I-CAR certified technicians.

Do you know what I-CAR and ASE certified technicians are? They are the equivalent of a person having an MD, which is the Medical Doctor Degree. So that means that ASE certified technicians are literally "car doctors" in every sense of the phrase.

If you don't find an auto body shop with ASE certified technicians to fix your car, then you will be sorry in the end.

I-CAR is basically a program that keeps already certified technicians up to speed with all the new things that come out with cars every year so that they can better repair your car and get it back to you in perfect working order.

Gava's Auto Body has 110 five star reviews and that sounds like a good company already with many satisfied customers and you can bet that their technicians are certified!

Make Sure They Have Technology for Precision Repair

The second step is also very important when looking for the right auto body shop that is right for you in the Milbrae area.

Any business in the Milbrae area has technology that it needs in orders to perform its service does it not? If the auto body service didn't have the technology to do the job, why would you pick them to fix your car?

Gava's Auto Body uses a Whitney Frame machine when taking care of your vehicle!

Auto body shops needs special equipment to fix your car properly and you can find out the type of equipment that an auto body shop has just by asking or giving them a call. If a company doesn't want to tell you, then doesn't that seem a little strange to you?

When looking at an auto body shop to go to make sure you ask them about their equipment. Just think about it, if a doctor doesn't have the technology to fix you up, they can't do their job. It's not any different. If an auto body shop doesn't have the right tools, they can do their job either. It's important.

Offer to Provide Factory Replacement Parts

Everyone knows that brands are important when it comes to buying most any type of product. If you go to the store you know that if you buy CheezIts, that Cheese Nips are not the same thing. They are different because they go through a different process of being made.

This brings me to my second step in finding an auto body shop. Just like CheezIts and Cheese Nips are different, it is the same concept but for car parts.

Let's say the auto body shop that you are looking to go to in the Milbrae area doesn't at least offer to fix your car with factory replacement parts. Then if they don't offer the quality parts from the car company you bought your car from, then where did they get those parts that they are putting in your car? I don't know about you but I would think twice if they can't tell me what brand the part is or at least where they got it.

If you get a bad part then your car could be in the same or worse shape a couple months down the road. Parts matter and where those parts come from matter just as much.

Waterborne Paint Users are Always a Plus

Everything today is becoming more environmentally friendly because as our society understands more we realize what we've done to the environment. As we understand these things, new products are developed in order to help correct the mistakes of the past.

Waterborne paint is an environmentally friendly paint that is starting to become more widely used on cars to help move the world forward on the idea of merging the Green Technologies into everyday use.

Gava's Auto Body uses Waterborne paint in order to help the environment while they help get you back in your car as well.

When it comes to a paint job, most of the time we are just concerned with the color matching the color already on the car, or at least the car being all one color if your are changing the color altogether. But if the company has a paint that helps the environment then added bonus, right? If the environment friendly paint is a fair price, too then that is just the whole package in one.

Some companies won't have the environment friendly paint but considering that Milbrae is in California, the environment friendly capital of the world, why not do your part and add this to your list of things to check for? If an auto body shop company does its part to care about the environment, then the company most likely cares about you too right?

So the next time you find yourself rear-ended, use a company with these four qualities to get you back in your car and back on the road!

Resource box: To find a great company in the Milbrae area, such as Gava's Auto Body, that can get your car up to speed and looking good on the road again visit Auto Body Shop Milbrae!


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