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Gava's believes that education is important for our technicians and our company. Most people know that MD means Medical Doctor, and CPA signifies Certified Public Accountant. Associations of professionals use certifications to recognize qualified and competent individuals.
Gava's technicians are all ASE and I-CAR certified.
ASE is the abbreviation for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. ASE certifies professional automotive technicians in various areas of repair expertise.
Gava's Auto Body carries a distinctive I-CAR Gold Class certification. If you want to know more about this, please click the link on the left menu "Why I-CAR Gold class is so important for me?"

Top Auto Body Shop in Hillsborough

Well that's just great! Your car overheated in the middle of the road on your way to work! Now, not only are you going to get chewed out by your boss but you've got to go through the headache of finding a new auto body shop because you swore you would not go back to the last one you went to! That place was terrible!

Now the question is how you are going to find a new auto body shop that you can trust so that hopefully when this happens again you will have a guy close to Hillsborough that you can trust.

With the help of these four foolproof steps you can find the auto body shop that is right for you!

Works with your Auto Insurance
Offers Repairs & Paint
Cares About you
Free Estimates


Works with the Insurance Company so You Don't have to!

So the first step in finding a good auto body shop in Hillsborough is looking for a shop that works with insurance companies for you. You don't need to deal with that headache, right? You are already down a car! Any good auto body shop will be happy to deal with them directly.


An auto body shop that is willing to deal with the insurance company for you also tells me one thing… that they actually care about their customers.

Because you know what it means when you don't have to deal them? It means that you don't get billed by the auto body shop and have to pay the total out of pocket. It also means you don't have to wait for that reimbursement check to come from the insurance company up to 6 months later! If anything I've practically forgotten about the wreck by that point!

So when you are looking for an auto body shop to call your own, add this step to your checklist. Trust me! You'll thank me later!

Offers Repairing As Well As Painting


Have you ever seen some of those buildings that look like auto repair shops but then they just turn out to be paint shops or "upgrade shops" that "trick out your ride"?

Well for those of us who don't need a West Coast Customs ride in little old Hillsborough, it's a little confusing. I'd rather have a good job done by Gava's Auto Body. Why would any auto body shop bother making a shop that doesn't even fix cars if they are broken? What's the point?


Well the second step when looking for an auto body shop to call your own is to make sure that shop doesn't do just paint jobs and upgrades but also repairs.

Chances are that the auto body shops that do repairs as well will know what they are doing more so than the guys that just paint the cars.

So just make sure that even if you only need a paint job that you pick a shop that does repairs too. Because those guys are the ones that you know will care that your car not only works but also looks good!


Make Sure They Care About You

You know what tells me a company cares about me? Well when it comes to auto body shops I know they care when they give me a decent lobby to sit in, just in case I don't really need to leave.


I don't know about you but if I've only got an hour or two to wait then I'll just sit there and play on my phone. But I sure don't want to sit and have to wait for my car to be fixed if they only have a dirty lobby with nothing to read or watch.


Gava's Auto Body has a clean and neat lobby that has magazines and a large to TV to watch while you wait. It sure likes they care about where you wait to me! An auto body shop that cares about you and the Hillsborough community understands that sometimes customers would rather just wait for the job to be done because not everyone has the option to leave.


You know what also tells me a company cares? When they have a towing service that offers to bring your car to them. Unfortunately when we have to bring a car to the shop, sometimes the reason is because the car won't start at all! If you can find an auto body shop that has a tow truck working with them then that usually means less cost for you! It also means that they understand that if you are bringing the car to the shop there is a decent chance that it's not running at all.


Just make sure to look for a few simple added bonuses that really show you that the auto body shop you are looking at cares! You deserve to be cared for!


If They Don't Give Free Estimates, Walk Away

The last important thing to look for when looking for an auto body shop is to make sure they give you a free estimate when you call.


Nobody wants to be charged until some actual work has been done on his or her car. Why should you have to pay a dime when these technicians should be doing these jobs all day everyday and should have a very good idea of how long it will take and how much the parts will cost to fix it?


There is no excuse if the won't give you an estimate when you ask for one. Never get a job done without an estimate! Chances are that if you're looking for an auto body shop that you've already been talking with the insurance company.


They know what they are going to pay you to get the job taken care of. If the insurance companies know how much it should cost to fix your car then shouldn't the auto body shop?

Gava's Auto Body has 110 five star reviews and that sounds like a good company already with many satisfied customers! Make sure to use all these steps when looking for an auto body shop in order to find the right one for you. Because you never know when you'll form a nice bond with one of the Hillsborough neighbors!


Resource box: To find a great company in the Hillsborough area, such as Gava's Auto Body, that can get your car up to speed and looking good on the road again visit Auto Body Shop Hillsborough!


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