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Best Auto Body Shop in Burlingame

auto bodyshop Burlingame CAIt looks like you've gotten into a fender bender on the way home from work. Now you need to find somewhere to fix up that ding without getting ripped off in the process. Sometimes finding all the things you need in a small city like Burlingame can be quite a chore. But you definitely need to find somewhere better than that last guy that doesn't charge an outrageous price for a simple repair! At Gary's Auto Body, we are experts in auto accident repair. We have built a solid reputation in the community as your trustworthy auto body shop Burlingame to San Bruno, CA. Whether you choose to come to our auto body shop or another, we have offered some tips below on finding the best repair shop.


Are you in the Burlingame area and in need of some repairs or maybe even just wanting to spruce up your car to give it a second wind? Well with these 3 steps you can be well on your way to finding a great auto body shop that will fix up your baby and do such a good job that you won't want to go anywhere else when it comes to cars.


Find the Best Auto Accident Repair Shop in 3 Steps

  1. Find a car shop that does repairs not just paint jobs
  2. Work with an auto shop that gives an estimate and works with your insurance company
  3. Schedule your auto accident repair estimate


When you come to Gava's Auto Body, you will get the best customer service, and we will work with your insurance company. We care about you and getting your car back in working order!


One Stop Auto Body and Repair Shop

Did you know that Burlingame Library was established in 1909? That's over one hundred years ago! It was also featured as a cover story in American Libraries for the architecture work. Just like this library, an auto body shop should take pride in its appearance and how it presents itself. So be careful when you are looking because if an auto body shop doesn't care how it looks then why would they care about you?


The first step in looking at a car shop is checking to make sure that they not only do paint jobs but also that they do repair.


At Gava's Auto Body Shop, we provide all of your collision repair in one place with the latest technology. From our computerized ColorNet paint formula system to our Whitney Wonder Rack auto body frame machine, you can always count on us for precisions repairs and paint.


Just think about it, if you have a basic spray paint gun, you can technically paint a car. Just because a shop can paint a car doesn't mean that it will match or look professional. This is why we have professional auto painting technicians that use only the best tools.


An auto body shop takes a lot more to run than just a paint shop. If the auto body shop is already repairing then they'll take much better care of your car than someone who only paints.Even if your car only needs a paint job and doesn't need auto body work, you take a better chance of getting it done right with a shop that does repairs and paint. Auto shops that only do paint only know paint. It's better to not take a chance and go with a Burlingame auto body shop that is already dedicated to cars in every way!


Direct Bill Auto Repair to Insurance Companies

Auto Body Shops that Bills the Insurance Company Directly & Give an Estimate Is Best

Burlingame is a small city with a population of only 28,000 people. The average income for a household in Burlingame is about $80,000, as of 2009 (US Census Bureau). So let's talk money, nobody wants to spend more than they have to, especially when it comes to cars. Why pay for you auto accident repair out of pocket when we work your insurance directly.


When it comes to fixing a car, you want it done fast, at a fair price, and done well. Because let's face it, when you get in an accident, no matter who you are, you'd rather just get it over with and get life back to moving along smoothly. Finding a good auto body shop is hard enough, but having an auto body shop that works with the insurance company for you is a necessary bonus. That's just one less headache you have to deal with, right?


If An Auto Body Shop Won't Give an Estimate

If the auto body shop won't give you an estimate, then that should send up flags in your head. They work with cars all day, shouldn't they know how long a job will take and what parts will be needed to fix certain job? Most auto body shops won't have any issue giving you an estimate, but if they do then you should think twice before giving them any of your time or money!


You have already dealt with those big dealerships that rip you off and fix 4 other things that you didn't even want fixed. But then they still expect you to pay! Stick with a small guy who will still give you an estimate, fix only what you want, and deal with those pesky insurance companies so you don't have to.


Schedule Your Auto Estimate and Repair

In the 1920s, Burlingame became a hotspot for automobile retailers, now it only makes sense that they have some auto body shops pop up to fix those said vehicles when they break down or when you get in an accident. If you have followed the first couple of steps then you probably have a few shops in mind that you are looking for. The last and final step is obviously to give them a call! Gava's Auto Body has 110 five star reviews and that sounds like a good company already with many satisfied customers!


Any auto body shop worth using has a website now a days and if that website doesn't have a phone number on the front page or at least on the contact us tab then hit the back button of your internet browser and find one that does. They are not worth your time if they aren't willing to talk on the phone with you!


Truth is you can never really know if you have found the right auto body shop until you at least give them a call. Once you have narrowed it down to two or three shops then you could even stop by the shop and take a look if you have the time. Better yet, if they have pictures of the lobby and business then you can just see for yourself if they deserve your business!


Burlingame might be a small town but everyone knows that small towns have their own charm. I'm sure if you use these three simple steps that you will be well on your way to finding an auto body shop that you will return to again and again! An auto body shop that you can call your very own!


To find the best auto body shop in the Burlingame, CA area, use our tips or go with a trusted company like ours, Gava's Auto Body Shop. When you want the #1 auto body shop Burlingame, San Bruno, and San Mateo; call us at (650) 871-6467.


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